Yoga for hangover

Yoga sequence for HANGOVER 😡
You woke up this morning feeling shitty after a fun night out? No worries, this sequence will help you detox and rejuvenate for the day ahead 🙌🏼 you can do it with or without a wheel.

Begin by rolling a tennis ball under your feet.

1️⃣ Down dog 10 breaths. Last three -lions breath

2️⃣Step foot forward to low lunge with knee down. Breathe into your psoas and quads for 5 breaths.

– Other side

3️⃣One backbend. Roll on your wheel back and forth or choose your own supported backbend. Then roll up and down on your spine a few times

4️⃣Shoulderstand on wheel or Viparita Karani with bolster under hips

5️⃣ Plow on wheel or one forward fold

6️⃣Spinal twist

7️⃣Thread the needle with legs (hip opener)

8️⃣Savasana 🙌🏼


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