Natural ways for pms and cramps


”I feel emotional landscape.
They puzzle me and confuse.
Can the riddle get solved?” – Björk.

This one goes out to you ladies.
I know I’m not alone. When we are under stress or more often for some, there comes a time every month when we suffer a great deal. First a few days of extreme sensitivity and irritability, followed by a pain so intense that it feels like you will puke, poop and give birth at the same time and then die. 😝
And the saddest thing of all is that western doctors prescribe anti depressants and birth controls for pms and cramps which will mess with your real hormones. And pain killers that are bad for the liver and the belly. There are so many alternatives. I will give you a few and feel very welcome to add in the comment field.

For PMS and menstruation cramps:
1. Eat a protein rich diet the days before. But also good sources of carbs and fat that we crave more during this time. Drink a lot of water.
2. Be careful with alcohol, caffeine and sugar pre and during your period. These foods will increase the risk for cramps.
3. Read up on 5htp and Gaba that are more natural ways to balance your estrogen and progesteron.
There are also biodentic hormones. Progesteron cream is very effective for pms.
4. Other supplements that might help are magnesium, zink, selen, D-vitamin and
Omega 3. Probiotics (probiform is a good brand) will also help support your system and balance your hormones.
5. Make sure you are well rested and sleep good before your period starts.

For immediate pain:
1.Strong ginger tea, baking soda and tumeric. Chamonille and lavender are also calming and soothing.
2. The yoga pose Malasana (squat) can offer a great release. You can also try Janu Sirsasana and Upavista Konasana.
3. When it comes to yoga. You might want to avoid deep hip openers before and during period. They can increase the pain. Skip inversions (they can stop the bleeding) and go for legs up the wall. Avoid a strong  asana practice before and during. Especially deep twists and core work. Really listen to your body with this. 
4. Place a warm water bottle or heating bag where the pain is.
5. Take a hot bath, the heat really helps your muscles to relax.

And most importantly really take time to listen to your body. Try to not resist what comes up but rather really slow down. When we are in touch, this period of the month is the best time of the month! When we allow what is and get in touch with our sweet sweet sensitivity, sensuality and intuition 🙏


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