Tutorial: Parsvakonasana arm

Oh what goes on with the upper arm in Utthita Parsvakonasana? so confusing! Or is it? It’s the exact same thing as Hasta Tadasana. I spent so many years struggling in this pose because I just didn’t get how to place the arm and it felt strained around the shoulder. I see many people struggling the same way I did.The arm is Hasta Tadasana, and how do you find the arm? Hold a block steady between your hands and raise it, stop before your shoulders want to lift up or your back wants to arch and where you can still release the base of the neck. Typically this is when the arms are a bit in front of the head and not all the way up. HUG THE OUTER UPPER ARM IN. Nothing should feel strained or hurting around your shoulders and neck. It’s all about finding length and space in the body. Once you are getting into the pose of Parsvakonasana, use a block under the other hand to avoid collapsing into the shoulder and hip crease as well as keeping length through your entire torso.

Happy practice and remember ”suffering is not allowed in yoga” as Maty Ezraty says.

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