Workshops/helgkurser Våren 2019

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18-20 JANUARI 

Yoga basic course, URBAN OM


”New Perspectives” – Yoga, strength & play, Atmajyoti


Yoga essentials course, URBAN OM

15-17 MARS

Yoga basic course, URBAN OM


The art of sequencing, Urban Om

10-12 MAJ

Yoga essentials course, URBAN OM





29 sept
Handstående, Yogiyogini (Tollare torg)

20 okt
Restorative, Atmajyoti

3-5 nov
Helgkurs – AWAKENING YOUR CORE, Atmajyoti
Fredag 17:00-19:00, lördag & söndag 10:00-12:00

9 dec
Restorative – Supported backbends, Urban Om

Anmälan till samtliga workshops sker via studions egen hemsida.

Jag kommer även assistera på Yogayamas 200 h TT i Göteborg som är fullbokad.

How to work with a bendy body

(please see link at the bottom for videos that come with this post)

As a yoga teacher I am very passionate about helping people with bendy bodies. Coming from the dance world, I used to really hang into the joints for my first years practicing yoga.

I am focusing on a few different standing poses in this post. Use Tadasana as a blueprint pose for all the other poses and notice what tendencies you have. For bendy bodies the tendencies are often in Tadasana or Utthita Hastasana (lifting the arms up) to tilt the pelvis into an arch and popping the front ribs forward. This will also be your tendency in pretty much all the other poses.

So your focus will be firming the other hips into the midline, lifting the frontal hipbones up to the lower ribs and dropping the sit bones down to the floor and softening the front ribs back AS you lift through the back ribs.

I am trying to show the direction with my hands in the video. Do not tuck the pelvis, pelvis is neutral. All though your direction will be towards tucking, apply the pelvic wheel actions (see pic 4). When working with different actions think more about firming the muscles than tensing up and gripping. This is an important difference between how we work in yoga compared to fitness. You want to find just the right balance (sthira sukha). This is not easy and of course sometimes we have to overdo it to then find the balance. I am trying to exaggerate a bit in the video so it’s clear.

I will not go into hyper extension here for knees and elbows but that’s also something you need to be aware of so you are not putting pressure on the joints.

For the standing poses, remember Tadasana in your upper body, front and back body and side body equally long. When using a block, try using it on the inside instead of the outside. This will help you to even out the bendiness. Think of taking the front body into the back body.

Instead of going so far into the pose, try backing off to properly work the actions. Please let me know if you have questions.

IMG_0598 2.JPG

WordPress won’t let me post videos anymore so please see this link to my instagram



VÅREN 2018 – schema + workshops

VÅRSCHEMA 2018 (med start i februari)



17.30-18.45 Relax, Urban Om
19-20.30 Yoga Basic Course, Urban Om – boka på

18-19.15 Basic, Värmdö Yogacenter

17-18 Restorative, Nacka Yogastudio
18.15-19.45 Inversions

7-8 Hatha flow, Värmdö Yogacenter
11.30-12.30 Hatha flow, Yogiyogini


10.00 – 11.30, Nacka Yogastudio
8 tillfällen
Kursstart: 8 april 2018
Lärare: Martina Cederqvist
Pris: 1600 kr
KOD: NybSön2


After work flow
Fre 16 feb, 17.30-18.30, Nacka Yogastudio


Värmdö Yogacenter


Lör 10 feb kl 10-13

Stöttade bakåtböjningar med Restorative

Lör 14 april kl 10-13


Urban Om

Stående positioner

Lör 25 februari kl 12-15


Nacka Yogastudio


17 mars kl 10-13


Lör 28 april kl 10-13


Privatlektioner och massagebehandlingar

mer info på

Supine forward folds

These will be suitable for anyone who might experience difficulties with seated forward folds. Maybe your lower back is hurting or you have trouble finding length in the spine. Here, your pelvis will be fixated on the floor and spine kept in neutral.


Janu Sirsasana


Upavistha Konasana


They feel very good in my body 🙂
Of course the Supta Padangusthasana series are also wonderful variations.

Yoga Bhakti Flow – Event lör 9 dec

namaste mc redigerad

Välkommen lördagen den 9e dec till en härlig yogaklass i hängivelsens tecken!

Yogaklassen är öppen för alla för fri donation i mysiga studio Kärleken i Skärmarbrink, 10 min Gullmarsplan.
Detta blir ett test inför våren för något jag längtar efter att skapa och bjuda in till regelbundet.

Vi skakar loss, rör oss fritt en stund och jag guidar dig in i kroppen i ett Vinyasaflöde. Vi utforskar sårbarhet, långsamhet och djup. Kraft, lekfullhet och gudomlighet.

Bhakti står för devotion, hängivelse. Vi bugar oss inför något större och ger oss själva till det, vad det än må vara för dig.

Kom som du är med ett öppet sinne, sekvensen är anpassad även för nybörjare.

Plats: Studio Kärleken, Skärmarbrinksvägen 6, Johanneshov.

Ca 5 min gångavstånd från tunnelbanestation Skärmarbrink och Blåsut. Eller 10-15 min promenad från Globen och Gullmarsplan.
Betala: Frivilligt bidrag, förslagsvis 150 kr via swish eller kontant.
Kom i tid för garanterad plats
Bokning krävs inte men attenda gärna här på eventet:

Supported Backbends

After giving massage for several years, I see that most people need quite similar things. When it comes to the upper body most of us would benefit from opening up the upper back and strengthen core. When the core is weak we also put more stress on our shoulders and slouching our back because we don’t have the integrity around the spine to keep an uplifted posture. We live most of our daily life doing things with the arms in front of us and rounding the back. To take the body in the opposite direction can be a great relief and a nice stretch for the front body. Supported backbends is a safe way, especially if you have a tender lower back. When we look at a backbend from the outside (and forward bends) you want to see an even curve along the spine. Be aware of where the stress load seem to dump in your own body. Hopefully you have a teacher helping you with this.

There are endless of creative ways to backbend with support but I will share some of my favorites. They are also a great way to access the breath more and boost your energy. When practicing these, keep your breath steady and smooth, expanding the chest in all directions. Try to relax the shoulders and jaw and have patience with the poses.

Some of these are quite mild and some deeper. I will post the mild ones first. To neutralize the back after a backbend do some sort of twist. If you are unused with backbends stick with the first two ones.

1. Rolled or folded blanket straight BELOW the shoulder blades. (bra band for girls) I start every morning with this, yum! You can also take the blanket in vertical direction along the spine and under the head.

2. Restorative backbend with two low blocks under the shoulder blades. They go all the way up to the end of shoulder and one block under head (one level higher)

3. One block (second level high) below shoulder blades, one block with same height for head. This one can also be done with palms pressing into the wall, fingers facing down to floor. Great prep for Urdhva Dhanurasana.


4. Deep backbend with two blocks (highest level) and virasana legs (or choose other leg variation). Hold the sides of the mat but just hold, don’t push or draw. You should warm up the hip flexors before doing this leg variation as well. Once in the pose, lift up the butt and release the sit bones forward.

Please share if you have any other favorites or thoughts around this.