Yoga Asana Basics course

bnw detalj

Where: Urban Om
Dates:  four Tuesdays sept 26th – oct 17th. (new course starts every four weeks)
Time: 17.30-18.45
Price: 800 kr
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For whom?

This course is for you who want to deepen your understanding on asanas, why we do them and how you benefit from them mentally and physically. For you who want to learn alignment and breaking down poses. Also for you who experience discomfort when practicing asanas.

You will learn

  • How to adapt poses to your body in a safe and effective way. Different options to work in a pose.
  • Fundamentals with a progressive build up for a pose
  • What happens physically and mentally.
  • Risk factors and what’s important when you are stiff and what to think about when bendy