Strength for Yogis

– A complementary strength program for yogis.



To target the areas in the body that we tend to forget about in our physical yoga practice. The areas that tend to be weak and in risk of injuries. Such as hamstring attachment, glutes (usually weak), lower back and shoulder girdle.

This program provides a safe and fun way to strengthen and stabilize the body so your yoga practice can be just that, a yoga practice and not have to be a fitness practice. This complementary strength program will help your actual yoga practice to feel more light and easeful. When the body is already strong in a balanced way, the yoga practice doesn’t feel as much of an effort. It will provide more ”sukha” (ease) even in your strong ashtanga or vinyasa practice because you will feel more stable.

The program is about 40 min long and includes a leg/hip work out, core and shoulders/back.

The strength program is a complementary work out to your yoga practice. Say you do vinyasa/ashtanga 3-4 times a week. The strength program is for the 1-3 days you don’t do yoga.

All you need for this program is a resistance band (can do without until you get one), a blanket and weights (or use water bottles).

Check out the trailer and buy the program here


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